God’s heart

I’ve always wondered why it is that David, considering his imperfections, is described in the bible as ‘a man after God’s own heart’.  There must have been something about him that awarded him that prestigious title.  Sure, he avenged the honour of God through the slaying of Goliath, he remained faithful to God despite his being hunted like an animal, and he generally was a good king and leader of God’s people, but he was also a conceited, adulterous, murderer…

The great thing about David is that he was a poet and songwriter, and much of his thoughts, frustrations, victories and failures in life were diarised, providing inside information into David ‘the man’.  Through the psalms you get a glimpse of David’s heart… his love for God, his natural fears considering his circumstances, as documented in other passages in the bible, and his response both in trial and in glory.  He worships God through it all!  He loves God through it all!  He cries out in frustration but always concludes with ‘You are God and I trust You!’.  His relationship/friendship with his God, to me, is intimately beautiful and inspiring!  Although reverent, it is not religious.  It is honest and raw.  A man relating to and with Almighty God.

I think this is the type of relationship God desires to have with His people.  One that is not bound by religious duty and social etiquette.  Man looks at outward appearance; who gives what to the mission, who is involved in church activities, who is in leadership, who’s kids are well behaved and polite, whose home is always open, who is always kind and gentle and who never raises their voice… These things are fantastic, but do not equate to being ‘a person after God’s own heart’.  God looks at the heart.  God did not look at Davids successes or extreme failures, He was only concerned with David’s heart. David’s heart loved God intensely, and this pleased God more than anything he did or didn’t do.  And this is why David was described as ‘a man after God’s own heart’.

I’m encouraged!  I don’t have to kill Goliath!  I just have to love and trust my God completely, and enjoy friendship and fellowship with Him.